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April 18, 2007

Competence versus Performance in language

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When we communicate with each other, we use a language. We have already known that language is a means of our communication. So, language has a main role in our daily communication and using language, it is easy for us to be understood in communication, that is why we should have a good communicative competence.

It means that how we can apply the grammatical aspect, and the most important is how we can use the language in certain contexts. Communicative competence includes the knowledge about the grammatical aspect, linguistics competence, as well as how we use this knowledge of grammar in our actual speech comprehension (linguistics performance).

There are things to be remained related with the definition and the relationship between competence and performance in our communicative competence.

Competence means the knowledge of a language system. It refers to our ability to make sentences and to understand it. It also includes our knowledge of  what belongs to sentences and what does not in a language. For example, an English native speaker might know the concept and the meaning oh sentence: “I go to school every day” but they would not accept if the sentence becomes “ I go to school yesterday”, even it is still in English sentence but is unacceptable.

Performance means what we do with our knowledge of certain language. It is about how we, as a language user, can apply the language in actual use. Performance also means our actual use of language.

Linguistic performance may indicate our competence. It means we can see the difference between linguistic competence and linguistic performance. For example, we may have the competence to create long sentence in our competence, but when we use our performance, sometimes we elicit some words to pronounce, may be because we forget, or we know consciously if we delete the word. Perhaps we forget what we are going to say or even we have the slip of tounge.

Communicative competence is really related to our linguistic competence and performance. Briefly, communicative competence will depend on our competence and performance. Competence can give good effect to us in creating our linguistic performance. About, performance does not guarantee whether our  competence good or bad. Sometimes we make errors or even mistake to do our competence and performance.



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